Where are you on your Open Data journey?

Tuesday 18th February 2020

The work on our open data project ‘Active My Way’ continues to gather momentum.  January saw us host a workshop at North Staffordshire YMCA where a number of organisations came together to begin the journey of opening their activity information. There was a real enthusiasm for the opportunities that open data can provide and attendees have proactively gone away and started meaningful conversations.

Our activity finder will be hosted on a website with relevant information, advice and guidance for members of the public as well as health professionals.  The website build has been initiated and will be live in April. We are working with health professionals to help shape the website content as this tool will be instrumental in supporting a number of health programmes including social prescribing.

We are also really excited to be working closely with Staffordshire Moorlands District Council by providing additional focused 1:1 support to activity providers. The district’s leisure centre data was successfully opened in January by the leisure provider Parkwood, and we are now working with local activity providers to support them through the practicalities of using effective activity listing/booking tools.

This work is not without its challenges. As we navigate the way in which providers are promoting their information, this can at times feel like a minefield. Changing or upgrading tools that can help providers to promote their activities in a more efficient way can seem a daunting process with concerns about time and costs. We are taking time to understand the different needs of providers, identifying where they are on their change journey and equipping them with the appropriate knowledge to have the confidence to ‘give it a go’.

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Please Join Us


Our ambition is to work with as many activity providers as possible to support them to open their activity data, allowing the information to appear in our ‘Activity Finder’. This will increase providers market reach to new audiences as well as improving the experience of the customer.

So whether you are a sports club, yoga instructor, walk leader, coaching company, and so on, we would love to hear from you and discuss how we can support you to share your activity information.

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For more information please contact:

Naomi Bird
Data, Insight & Engagement Manager
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