Walking Cricket Project Gets People Talking

Monday 13th February 2017

Through SASSOT’s ACCESS Across Staffordshire grant programme, Staffordshire Cricket have successfully established a walking cricket group that runs every Monday 6-7.30pm at the Excel Academy, Stoke-on-Trent.

Following a successful pilot in March 2016, with the local Age UK, Staffordshire Cricket were keen to develop this version of the game and provide an offer for those 50+.  As the name suggests the game is played at walking place and as well as delivering cricketing skills to players who may not have played for a while it also encourages new players to ‘give it a go’.  The format is an exciting way to keep active and fit and has been positively received by attendees to date.

This weekly session is currently attracting an average of 12 attendees aged 52-69 and session coach, Steve Lightfoot, stated:  “All attendees are really enjoying the weekly sessions, their skills are improving and there is great communication within the group fostering a very positive experience”.

Walking Cricket

SASSOT’s Naomi Bird visited the project and spoke to a couple of attendees:


It was evident from speaking to John that the social benefits of attending the session were endless.  He had enjoyed returning to the game of cricket and had encouraged others to come and to also give the session a go.  Having gone through a difficult time recently the social network that the group provided had been invaluable to John and the friendships that have been formed clearly provide support wider than just a game of cricket.



Currently the only female of the group, Cath has clearly loved getting involved in the sessions and attends with her husband on a weekly basis.  Once again it was evident from speaking to Cath that the fun, informal nature of the session allowed anyone to comfortably join in, plus she also enjoyed the chance to get a bit competitive! She too also spoke of the fact that the session had helped to strengthen the social network of the group and hoped that more women would come and get involved.


If you are interested in attending the session please contact:

Steve Lightfoot
Staffordshire Cricket
Mob: 07789 265618
Email: s.lightfoot@staffordshirecricket.co.uk