Vince Tells Us About The #GreatCoaching Effect

Thursday 7th June 2018

As part of #GreatCoaching Week we are sharing stories of some of our fabulous local coaches.

Name: Vince

East Staffordshire Borough Council Sports Coach:

Multi-sport, disability and power chair football, inclusive cycling and holiday scheme coach.


When I came out of University I didn’t think I could do anything and was suffering from depression. I thought about volunteering and went to the local voluntary service who put me in touch with the sports development team at East Staffordshire Borough Council. I was encouraged to start volunteering at Able Too United (disability football team) and the sports development team gave me support and mentoring. I progressed and completed the Community Sports Leader Level 2, FA Level 1 and other coaching courses and am now a paid coach.


Coaching has helped me as an individual over fears and doubts. It felt natural to me and gave me a buzz. I am more confident and believe in myself. It has made me realise that at any level you can progress in sport and help others. I thought coaches were top class in their sports but it doesn’t matter what background you have or experience, you can help out. I was always interested in sport just never thought I could help. From my own disabilities sometimes being a coach is overwhelming for my body but if I’m resilient I can break barriers I didn’t know I could. Coaching was a pipe dream to me and now I’m living that dream.


Coaching has made me believe in myself more and realise people learn in their own way. Realising that in myself has enabled me to help others.  Coaching can also have a positive impact physically as the buzz can act as a natural pain killer to my own disabilities.


The sports development team at East Staffordshire Borough Council have been fantastic support to me. I used to be shy and now I go up to anyone without the fear of how I might be judged or what they might say. In many ways I didn’t realise I could coach myself to be a better person through the skills I have learned through coaching.


No matter how big or small your dream of coaching – go for it! While there might be barriers along the way you can overcome them and reach your dreams.


Empowering coach

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