This Girl Can – Fit Got Real

Tuesday 6th November 2018

Together, through This Girl Can, we have encouraged 2.9 million women and girls to get more active. Thank you for being a registered supporter and helping to make this happen.

But our work isn’t yet done. Our research shows that many women and girls still feel alienated and excluded from the conventional world of exercise. Frankly, their realities feel entirely at odds with the definition of exercise imposed upon them.

They don’t have hours of time to dedicate to the gym, money to spend on the latest kit, or the relentless energy to achieve what the industry tells them ‘counts’.

Until this changes, getting active feels like an impossibility.


This Girl Can


Fit Got Real is the latest phase of This Girl Can. It’s a celebration of all the ways real women actually get active all over the country. Our girls may or may not have full time┬ájobs and full time kids, but they all have full-on schedules.

So, when they exercise, they get active in clever ways that fit into their busy lives. It might be cycling to work. It might be taking the dog for a run. It might simply be getting down and dirty on the kitchen floor doing sit-ups. Fit Got Real isn’t about gimmicks, pricey kit or huge subscriptions; it’s about the real insights of how real women really get active.


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View the video below or click here.