Throughout Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent we recognise that a modern network of sports clubs will be the centrepiece of people’s sporting experience.

We therefore aim to support the development of dynamic, coordinated and sustainable networks of high quality clubs providing sporting opportunities for all in partnership with National Governing Bodies of Sport.

One of the key objectives of our Club Support Action plan is to develop the sports club infrastructure and increase the number of Clubmark/NGB accredited sports clubs across the sub-region ensuring there is an extensive network of vibrant community sports clubs whilst improving and developing the capacity for sports clubs to attract new members.

Priorities of the Club Support Plan

  1. To support NGBs to deliver services and programmes to ‘grow’, ‘sustain’ and ‘excel’ in sport and physical activity
  2. To further build and support a network of active, accessible and accredited clubs
  3. To develop the club infrastructure and enhance the support network available to sports clubs
  4. To develop a planned and coordinated programme of sports club education and training opportunities
  5. To increase the number of sports clubs receiving investment support, accessing external funding and developing sustainable clubs

To find out more about how we support clubs in Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent click on the links below:

  • Find a Club in Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent
  • Club Accreditation and Clubmark
  • Sports Club Accreditation Funding Scheme
  • Funding
  • Disability Sports Clubs



Club Matters – NEW for Clubs

Club Matters, the essential one-stop-shop for sports clubs, will provide you with support, learning and guidance on all aspects of running a club whether it is large, small, formal or informal. Club Matters offers free, simple and bitesize support to all clubs. Club Matters can help you to improve your club with…

Online Support – There will be a range of support available including online toolkits, quick reference guides and e-learning modules.

Workshops – Club Matters workshops are free, short training sessions delivered across the country by experts in a range of specific areas.

Mentoring – Whether you want long term support, or just a short call to sound out your ideas, our Club Matters mentors can help. Our flexible mentoring scheme will offer more personal support to you and your club.

Club Improvement Plan – An online health check for clubs of all sizes and at all stages oftheir development, to establish where they are performing well and whether they can develop. This will provide your club with a tailored development plan.

Club Views – A club review tool allowing you to ask your members and volunteers what they think about your club.

Clubmark – The universally acknowledged cross sport accreditation scheme for community sports clubs. To find out more about Clubmark click here.

Access the main Club Matters website and find all the resources you need.

Can your Club reduce its running costs?

A new website,  has been developed on behalf of Sport England and the Pitch Sports Group.

It provides guidance to help community sports clubs use environmental sustainability to reduce their running costs. It contains a range of advice from understanding how much energy a club uses through to identifying, prioritising and funding sustainability projects.

If you can’t find what you want from the above links please contact;

Claire Greenwood
Sportivate Manager
01785 619258