Staffordshire County Council seek interest to develop a membership scheme

Wednesday 3rd April 2019

Staffordshire County Council (SCC) is seeking interest from voluntary and/or private organisations to develop a membership scheme which offers wider preventative, social and practical community solutions to help people maintain independence and to reduce demand for health and social care provision.

Currently over 18,000 people contact SCC annually for services which are not social care and are generally referred to the voluntary sector offer in their areas. SCC would like to work with an organisation to explore whether this demand can be met through a membership scheme.

SCC are wanting to work with interested providers and will provide limited officer support to develop the concept and explore feasibility at this stage which would include aiding with background consultation with potential customers to help explore potential demand. If a membership scheme can be developed SCC’s officer support would relate to promotion of the scheme via existing networks and within SCC Contact Centre and ‘no cost’ promotions for example social media.

The Officer will also provide some oversight of safeguarding and quality requirements to ensure there is confidence in the continued promotion of the offer. SCC currently manage the social care front door and will be able to facilitate access to people who would be eligible for the membership scheme (dependent on the above-mentioned safeguarding and quality assurance measures being in place).

At this stage SCC are seeking interested providers to work with to develop the membership scheme model.

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