Fencing is an Olympic sport with technique, timing and tactics all in one. Imagine having to fight an opponent without getting hit yourself. It’s going to take footwork, bladework and brain all working together to outwit your opponent.

Fencing is becoming ever more popular and accessible and recently there was an announcement made that Premier Activate will become an “Official Delivery Partner in Primary Education”. It could not be simpler to get involved and try fencing for the first time. If you would like more information on the partnership then please click here.

British Fencing also have launched a new and innovative Coaching Framework and are keen to share it with everyone to explain where fencing happens and how you can start your coaching fencing journey with British Fencing. This resource can be found if you click here.

If you’re interested in going on to a coaching course then you can find upcoming courses here on the British Fencing Website.

If you cannot find your course but would like to register your interest then please do so here as we have put a number of courses on via this method, as people show an expression will be kept in touch regarding courses and when there are four or more people in a locality we then endeavour to try and organise an open course for them to attend.


For more information please visit the following websites:





Gabby Williams
Development Director
British Fencing
Tel: 0208 742 3032
Email: gabby.williams@britishfencing.com

Hannah Stockley
Regional Hub Lead Officer
Email: wmfencinghub@gmail.com