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Dance Connected

Dance Connected is Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent’s Dance Development Network.

Led by the Dance Development Group, a partnership between the arts, sports, dance and health sectors, Dance Connected’s work supports a combined approach that aims to develop and deliver the strategic dance development plan.

Working closely with our partners the strategy aims to develop programmes and projects that develop access to high quality dance opportunities as well as build the case for dance development across the county.

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Exercise, Movement and Dance Partnership (EMDP)

Who are EMDP?

EMDP is the lead National Governing Body (NGB) for exercise, movement and dance (EMD).

It is a not for profit Umbrella Organisation dedicated to the development of exercise, movement and dance provision throughout England and the UK.

EMDP work in harmony with affiliates and partners to get more people enjoying EMD and to increase the amount of quality teachers delivering EMD.

EMDP work over three organisational pillars; the EMD Academy, the EMD Community and the EMD NGB.

The three pillars are each designed to assist the sector through firstly providing quality training to increase and improve delivery, secondly to support all those involved and thirdly to help relevant parties develop what they can offer.

EMDP is a growing organisation and in recent months has been able to provide local support to three counties across the UK. We like to call these our County Models. Our County Models are currently active in London, Manchester and Sussex.

More information is available at https://emduk.org/

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EMDP-1PKThe EMD Academy  – Train today, Inspire tomorrow

The Exercise Movement and Dance (EMD) Academy offers high quality teacher training and development in exercise, movement and dance.

If you love exercise, movement and dance and are thinking about moving into teaching and instructing. Then the EMD Academy is the place to get the skills, knowledge and understanding to become a proficient EMD teacher.

Click on the logo to visit the EMD Academy website today to learn about the qualifications and courses on offer; get tips on great teaching; see the resources available; and get spreading the passion for EMD! Train today, inspire tomorrow.

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Exercise, Move, Dance Partnership - Community

The EMD Community – Supporting those who are passionate about Exercise, Movement and Dance.

The Exercise, Movement and Dance (EMD) Community is a network of quality teachers and organisations all passionate about one thing; inspiring others to be fit and healthy through Exercise, Movement and Dance.

Teachers and Organisations from a wide collection of disciplines join the EMD community to obtain all the necessary checks, insurance and licensing, but also to get expert advice, resources and support to really help their activities thrive

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emdp3PKThe EMD NGB – Developing high quality Exercise, Movement and Dance across the UK

The EMD NGB is here to set standards and provide guidance to the EMD sector. It is also the home of the participation campaign ‘Exercise, Move, Dance’; aiming to get 20,000 new movers and shakers taking in part in EMD.

Our County Models also lie within the NGB and are at the forefront of EMDP’s campaigns and programmes. The County Models, currently in London, Manchester and Sussex aim to develop quality and accessible EMD opportunities within the local area.

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Keeping children and young people safe in EMD.

If you would like more information on safeguarding and protecting children or would like to discuss a concern you have within EMD please contact Lead Safeguarding Officer, Emma Forward.



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