Equestrian and Horseriding

British-Equestrian-Federation-logo-2014The British Equestrian Federation (BEF) is the national governing body for horse sports in the UK, affiliated to the Federation Equestre Internationale (FEI), the international governing body of equestrian sports.

The BEF is an umbrella organisation representing the interests of 4.2 million riders, vaulters and carriage drivers in Great Britain via 19 independent member bodies.

Equestrianism is one of Great Britain’s top five Olympic and Paralympic sports and one of the few sports where men and women compete on equal terms. Great Britain has brought home hundreds of international medals over the years and on a local level millions of people are involved with horses. Riding is an extremely popular and healthy activity and the equestrian industry continues to grow.

Equestrianism can offer many benefits in terms of health and physical activity. It is proven to engage all types and ability of participant, is not age discriminate and offers an alternative to attract participants who may not be engaged in mainstream sports. Equestrianism offers not only riding opportunities in many different areas of discipline such as Showjumping to Equestrian Vaulting, but it also offers rewarding volunteering and behind the scenes support opportunities.

For more information visit www.bef.co.uk

What is horse riding?

Horse riding, or equestrian sport, refers to the skill of training horses. Horses can be used for riding, driving and vaulting (the sport of gymnastics on the back of a horse). Horse riding can include a huge range of activities such as dressage, jumping, pleasure riding and for therapeutic reasons. Horse riding is a sport that anyone, regardless of age, ability or background can have a go at!

What is Hoof?

Hoof is the British Equestrians Federation’s participation brand which aims to encourage more people to take up horse riding, driving, vaulting and volunteering. By connecting people to riding centres, schools, clubs and equestrian sporting organisations, Hoof, supported by Sport England funding, is helping more people to discover horses, get fit and improve their wellbeing.

Your local centres are:

Middleton Equestrian Centre | Tamworth | 0121 311 1601

Gartmore Riding School | Burntwood | 01543 686117 | www.riding-schools.com/c/staffordshire/burntwood/gartmore-riding-school/

The Wyke Equestrian Centre | Shifnal | 01952 460563 | http://www.wyke-equine.co.uk

Rockstar Equestrian Centre | Penkridge | 0779 1015049 | www.rockstarequitationcentre.co.uk/

Beaver Hall Equestrian Centre | Nr Leek | 01538 304433 | www.beaverhall.co.uk
More information can be found at www.hoofride.co.uk

To keep up to date with news and events you can follow Hoof at www.facebook.com/hoofride and www.twitter.com/hoofride

Take Back The Reins

Fitting horses back into your life can be simple. Just half an hour of horse riding a week can boost your sense of wellbeing and help to keep you feeling healthy. Returning to riding may feel daunting but with the right horse to give you confidence it’s amazing how quickly you will get going again. Take Back The Reins offers adult riders a seven week series of coaching designed specifically to support a riders first steps into the saddle.

Accessibility Mark

Horse riding is now more accessible than ever thanks to a new initiative that helps riding schools to accommodate disabled participants. Accessibility Marked riding centres have undergone specialist training from Riding for the Disabled Association to enable them to offer fun and safe horse riding for people with disabilities.

Young Equestrians

Delivered through The Pony Club approved centres, Young Equestrians is predominately aimed at 13-18 year olds allowing more people to connect and re-engage with horse sport. Young Equestrians allows you to make new friends, develop your skills, have fun, try out some of the horse sports available and get fit in the fresh air. No matter what your ability your local Young Equestrians group has been designed to provide you with more choice and freedom whilst taking responsibility for the activities you take part in.

Business Networks

A national Hoof Business Network has been set up England wide to offer advice, guidance and support to help equestrian businesses thrive. Workshops, webinars and regular communications aim to address industry challenges, raise standards and share good practice as well as providing direction to equestrian businesses on available funding streams.

Coaching & Development

The British Equestrian Federation’s 19 member bodies are delivering UKCC coaching courses from Levels 1-4 to ensure the highest levels of quality standard within all equestrian sports. The term coaching refers to teaching, instructing, training and all methods of helping a horse and rider partnership to improve. The promotion of quality coaching is the privilege and responsibility of all organisations involved in our sport.


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Participation Officer
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