SASSOT Updates

Tuesday 18th December 2018

Merry Christmas from SASSOT

All of us here at SASSOT wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!



West Midlands Community Sports Awards 2018

SASSOT played a supporting role in the organisation of the West Midlands Community Sports Awards 2018; with three Staffordshire winners!

Thursday 6th December saw over 100 nominees from across the West Midlands come together for an evening showcased by the BBC. Winners from the SASSOT Community Sports Awards were represented in all award categories on the evening.

Read more about it here

Interim Director Update

As I’m sure you will have seen, Sport England have just released the first batch of data from the Active Lives survey for Children and Young People.  Previously Active Lives data has only been gathered for Adults, but for just over 12 months randomly-selected schools have been asking their pupils to complete specially-written online surveys to gather data on how children engage with and take part in sport and physical activity.  This has provided world-leading insight into children’s attitudes and behaviours regarding being active.

County Sports Partnerships have been tasked by Sport England to encourage the selected schools to take part in the survey and thanks to the hard work of Camilla Denham-White, our Youth Sport and Events Officer, Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent has one of the highest completion rates nationally.

Across England, 43.3% of young people lead active lives, however, only 17.5% meet the Chief Medical Officer’s (CMO) guidelines of doing more than an hour of activity every day. In our area, these figures are slightly lower, with 39% leading active lives and 16.4% meeting the CMO guidelines.  More concerning is the fact that 32.9% nationally, and 35.4% locally do on average less than 30 minutes of physical activity per day.

This isn’t to say that nothing is being done to increase activity levels and encourage young people to live more active lives.  There is a huge amount of excellent work taking place locally, with a wide range of partners looking to address this both within and outside of the school day.  For example, through our Youth Sport Manager Chris Milward, SASSOT is working with local deliverers such as Accelerate Learning to support Primary Schools to spend their Primary PE and Sport Premium funding effectively.  This includes ensuring that identified schools receive a package of one-to-one support and organising Headteacher and Governor workshops to emphasise national messaging and to share local good practice.  Looking outside of school hours, our successful Satellite Clubs programme offers opportunities for inactive young people to attend clubs tailored to their needs, moving away from the traditional, competitive community club environment and instead creating a more social, relaxed feel.

However, given that the research shows that there are significant inequalities in participation based on family income, we will be working even harder with our partners to ensure that our support is focused on those areas with the greatest need.  Nationally, organisations such as the Sport and Recreation Alliance are calling on the Government to take action to address the findings of this survey, which can only be a positive thing, and locally we will be analysing the data carefully to identify where our efforts should be directed.  In the meantime, we will continue to work hard towards achieving our vision of ‘Everyone More Active More Often’…

Wishing you a relaxing Christmas and a healthy and active 2019!

Jane Kracke, Interim Director

Performance Management Improvement Framework (PMIF)

Sport England have introduced the Performance Management Improvement Framework (PMIF) to help assess the performance and strength of the County Sports Partnership (CSP) network and to facilitate continuous improvement over the current investment cycle.

Applying a format and methodology taken from Quest, the PMIF evaluates CSP’s impact against all aspects of Sport England’s investment and provides line of sight back to the priorities set out in a their national strategy Towards An Active Nation.

SASSOT has now completed the self-assessment and external assessment elements of this process which will inform a 2-year improvement plan, which will address any weaknesses but also allow us to build on our strengths. The core team and Board have welcomed the opportunity for external feedback and to further improve the services we provide to our partners.

We look forward to sharing feedback from our external assessment and our improvement priorities in the New Year.

Ben Hollands, Partnerships Manager