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Wednesday 19th September 2018

Chair’s Update


Malcolm Armstrong


I am grateful for this opportunity to communicate with all our readers and hope that everyone is making progress with the plan to get everyone more active more often. As Chair of a brand new refreshed Board, I am keen to support those of you who have ideas for partnership working and would be happy to meet with individuals or groups who think we may be able to work effectively together to achieve our shared goal of an active nation. On the news front, SASSOT is now subject to a new Performance Management and Improvement Framework developed by Sport England. We will be working hard on our improvement journey over the next three years; your help in this will be greatly appreciated.

Please contact my PA Sarah Bixter if you want to meet with me to discuss ideas for strategic development or any other matters.

Malcolm Armstrong, Chair of the Board

Place Based Approach Update: Kidsgrove

Integral to SASSOT’s 2018-2021 strategy is a place based approach, working together with partners at a local level to ultimately achieve our vision of ‘everyone more active more often.’ By working with the consent of the relevant local authority, we hope to enable our communities to be physically active and benefit from the wider social, economic and health benefits that this can bring.

One of our places of focus is Kidsgrove. In 2017, Newcastle Under Lyme Borough Council took the decision to close Kidsgrove Leisure Centre. In response to this, a number of local residents have set up Kidsgrove Sports Centre Community Group to advocate the reopening of the facility. Discussions have been ongoing since then with the Borough Council, Staffordshire County Council, the Community Group, SASSOT and other key partners regarding the future of the Sports Centre and what the future should hold for the facility. Key priorities that need to be addressed and agreed include sourcing investment to understand the building maintenance needs of the facility and addressing these needs, agreeing a robust business plan on effectively operating and managing the facility, and understanding the needs of the community with regard to the sports centre and their physical activity habits.

Our role at SASSOT has primarily been to keep an open dialogue with Sport England regarding potential investment into the Sports Centre and to collate intelligence and insight on the local community and their physical activity needs and wants, complementing the insight that has already been collated by the Borough Council and the Community Group. This work is now well underway in these areas and expect this to contribute to a solution that is suitable and appropriate for the residents of Kidsgrove and their physical activity needs.

Lee Booth, Workforce Manager

SASSOT Sports Awards 2018 Nominations still open

In Staffordshire, we recognise and commend all the hard work and talent that our communities have demonstrated in helping more people to become more active, and we want to celebrate it!

Do you know of a coach, project, athlete or club in your local community that has gone above and beyond?

Why not nominate them to achieve the special recognition that they deserve?

SASSOT Sports Awards is accepting nominations for these 5 categories:

  1. Coach of the Year
  2. Community Club of the Year
  3. Community Project of the Year
  4. Aspiring Talent Award
  5. BBC Radio Stoke’s Power of Sport Award

Find out more here

Camilla Denham-White, Youth Sport and Events Officer