Satellite Clubs

By March 2017, every secondary school, college and other relevant settings will be offered a satellite community sports club on site. The creation of Satellite Clubs around the county will help young people aged 11-25 take the step into community sport.

Satellite clubs are extensions of community sports clubs which are established in a new venue, usually a secondary school or college, and specifically target the 11-25 age group. Satellite clubs are usually run by sports clubs who bring their expertise and enthusiasm to places where young people already meet. In addition to educational sites we are keen to position satellite clubs in youth and community facilities.

This new intervention is at the heart of Sport England’s 2012-17 Youth and Community Strategy, research has shown that the step from school or college sport to community sport is often too great for young people. This is one of the reasons why so many 11-25 year olds drop-out. Satellite clubs make it easy for young people to stay in sport, or to start playing for the first time.

The clubs will offer a different sporting experience for young people and will aim to attract young people who are not typically very sporty.

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