Local work taking place thanks to Primary PE and Sport Premium funding

Wednesday 4th March 2020

The PE and Sport Premium provides primary schools with £320m of government funding to make additional and sustainable improvements to the quality of the PE, physical activity and sport offered through their core budgets. It is allocated directly to schools so they have the flexibility to use it in the way that works best for their pupils.

Using local insight, SASSOT proactively coordinate support with national and local partners to help primary schools maximise the impact of Primary PE and Sport Premium.

Locally SASSOT works in partnership with Accelerate Learning to provide high quality practical support, advice and guidance to schools.

Below are just some examples of the fantastic work taking place!


Active learning across the school


John of Rolleston Primary School have been making steady improvements over the last few years across all key indicators of improvement for PE and sports funding. This year the school have focussed on active learning and other subject leaders have attended the active learning courses alongside the PE lead Nicola Bourke.

The information collated on this was then shared at a staff meeting with the main message of just adding in a little more activity to all lessons.


John Of Rolleston Primary



Staff have taken on board this message through the easy ideas suggested. Physical activity levels have increased and sedentary behaviour decreased which is having an effect on pupils fitness, behaviour and wellbeing.


The school will continue to build in opportunities for pupils to be more physically active within lessons to support the wider school offer of PE, sport and physical activity to ensure all pupils meet health recommendations.


Achieving sustainability of high quality PE in a small school setting


Waterhouses Primary School have for a number of years been trying to find a solution to being able to cover PPA and have high quality PE lessons.

The headteacher Anne Lockey has always been passionate about Physical Education and monitored the use of coaches that she had in to deliver PE as part of PPA.

After trying and dismissing over 3 different companies and many more coaches employed by these including at times the company owners she still wasn’t happy with provision. She therefore decided to train an existing teaching assistant to cover and lead PE for the school.

The TA completed the level 5 qualification in PE specialism and then the following year had 3 days of coaching and mentoring with Caroline Holder (PE consultant) who came into school to observe his lessons and give further guidance, ideas and support.


The TA has gone from strength to strength in both the teaching of his lessons and in leading the subject area. The pupils engagement, behaviour and commitment to PE has improved significantly and they are making good progress. There are good links between the offer for pupils both within and out of the curriculum in terms of sport and links to other aspects of the curriculum and school life.


These changes will continue and due to the success the school are now looking to train up another teaching assistant to support and expand on the role and opportunities for pupils.