Local Couple Encourage You To ‘Push The Boat Out’!

Tuesday 24th April 2018

A Rudyard couple insists “sailing isn’t just a sport for the Olympics” as a month of free RYA Push The Boat Out ‘try sailing’ events launches across Staffordshire next week.

Ian and Wendy were complete beginners when they had their interest piqued in attending Rudyard Lake Sailing Club’s free open day in 2015. Three years on and the couple are bona fide converts, sailing and racing together at the club all year round.

No fewer than seven venues are hosting Push The Boat Out events around Staffordshire in May, with Rudyard Lake SC, Blithfield SC, Chase SC and Tamworth SC all welcoming anyone to ‘have a go’ on Bank Holiday Monday 7 May, with Tamworth also opening their doors on Saturday 5 May.

Manor Park SC invite all comers to Push The Boat Out the following Saturday 12 May and Greensforge SC on the Sunday 13 May. South Staffordshire SC are then holding their ‘try sailing’ open day on Saturday 19 May. All kit and safety equipment is provided so bring a pair of old trainers you don’t mind getting wet and your sense of adventure and fun. Find your nearest Push The Boat Out event at www.rya.org.uk/ptbo

Ian believes you won’t regret it. He said: “Sailing is very different to how I imagined. I always thought it was a sport for the Olympics! I never knew there was such a vibrant club scene in the UK. We had just moved into the area in 2015, saw the opportunity to sail on the lake and thought it was something we could do together. The people at the club were SUPER enthusiastic about their hobby and that couldn’t fail to rub off.

“If you don’t try it you will never know what’s sailing’s really like. The accessibility is great and with clubs removing past barriers to membership there’s never been a better time to give it a go.”

After attending the Open Day, the Lees joined the club and did their RYA Start Sailing certificates before learning how to race. Improving each year, 53-year-old IT Project Manager Ian jokes not finishing last and beating their friends is very motivating. As well as enjoying their new life on the water, the Lees have also thrown themselves into club life as volunteers including Ian now heading up the club’s committee as Commodore.

He added: “I’m always amazed and honoured to know the team of people who beaver away to keep the club afloat. They are committed to encouraging sailing for as many people as possible.”

Refreshments will be available at all the Push The Boat Out events, with a host of shoreside activities and entertainment for the whole family to enjoy too. Find all the details for your nearest Push The Boat Out venue at www.rya.org.uk/ptbo

Almost 400 venues across the UK are inviting people to Push The Boat Out in May. Over 22,000 people regularly go along to their local sailing club every month across the Midlands, sailing small sailboats or windsurfing.