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Tuesday 21st May 2019

Welcome to the very first edition of our monthly Insight article! Each month, we will be sharing resources, research and insight which can support your ideas and interventions in a variety of ways. From demonstrating needs to evaluating impact, it is vital to understand how to find insight and be clear on how it can be used effectively.

With Dementia Awareness Week just around the corner, this month`s focus is fittingly Dementia. We hope that the following resources in this article are useful and help towards providing effective sport and physical activity opportunities that support people living with dementia!




Sport England and Alzheimer’s Society: Guide to dementia-friendly sport and physical activity

Type: Research and Insight

Geography: National

Theme: Dementia and Physical Activity

Description: Sport England has teamed up with the Alzheimer’s Society to produce a guide to creating and facilitating dementia-friendly sport and physical activity. The focus of guide is to support the sport and physical activity sector in understanding how dementia impacts on people’s lives, creating opportunities to facilitate inclusivity and break down the barriers in attempts to ensure protection and comfort for all involved. The guide provides real-world examples and support to planning and designing inclusive activities, understanding the benefits of becoming dementia friendly and training support to achieve aims and outcomes to support more people living with dementia to become more active.


Projecting Older People Population Information (POPPI)

Type: Data

Geography: Local Authority Districts

Theme: Older People and Population, Health & Wealth

Description: The prevalence of Dementia is rising in Staffordshire. By 2035, the amount of people living with the condition is predicted to rise by a third. POPPI provides current and projected population data of people aged 65+; detailing the number of people affected by significant ailments, psychological conditions as well as community safety and economic disadvantage. Registration is required to access this database of which you will provided with both a login and password to access the datasets.


University of Nottingham: Improving Dementia Education and Awareness (IDEA)

Type: Research and Insight

Geography: National

Theme: Dementia and Physical Activity

Description: University of Nottingham have teamed up with the Nottinghamshire Dementia Action Alliance, the Nottingham Hospitals Charity and The Impact Campaign to provide a raft of resources that have an aim to improve dementia awareness, the impact of the condition and helping to combat the barrier that people living with dementia face on regular occasions. IDEA also provides free online training courses, blogs, news and events which can be accessed to support dementia physical activity provision.


University of Tasmania: Understanding and Preventing Dementia Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC)

Type: Research and Insight

Geography: National

Theme: Dementia and Physical Activity

Description: Accessible to all, the University of Tasmania are offering two dementia-specific online qualifications; Understanding Dementia and Preventing Dementia. These two Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC) offers avenues for people of all diverse backgrounds to build awareness to the prevalence and impact of dementia and methods that can be easily adopted and adapted to ensure that people who come into contact with people living with dementia can offer effective, holistic support. The knowledge portrayed through these courses can be easily transferred and holds a correlation to ensuring that dementia-specific sport and physical activity provision is supportive and inclusive throughout.


Tip of the month!


Prevalence and Impact: A match made in Heaven!

Understanding how to find, use and analyse insight can be tricky. Particular in terms of demonstrating the need for a physical activity intervention, it can be difficult to know whether the data or research is telling the full story, which could lead to some valuable insight becoming left out or miss-used.

Therefore, our advice would be to begin looking at the effect of an issue, such as Dementia, in a local community (IMPACT) and then analyse the number of the population in which this issue is affecting (PREVALANCE). Doing this will ensure that the evidence gathered is wholesome to demonstration and evaluation of need and impact.

Below is an example of prevalence and impact capture with a focus on dementia:

In the UK, someone will become diagnosed with Dementia within the next three minutes [1] and with 13,006 older people in the Staffordshire county currently living with the condition [2], this ever-growing total creates a critical case to support through physical activity. Dementia impacts on people`s ability to do things they enjoy in their local community independently [3] so innovative and bespoke methods to engage with their community through physical activity would help to curb these concerns.


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