Funding Updates

Monday 17th June 2019

We’ve now hit June and whilst we are enjoying the typical British summer weather, now is a great time to apply for funding to support your sport and physical activity ideas and initiatives.

This month’s publication has a focus on workforce, cycling and inclusive sport with opportunities to access funding to support and motivate more and more people to engage with physical activity in their own ways; no matter the barriers that they may face.

We hope you find the following information useful and make sure to check out our funding pages on the SASSOT website for the latest funding updates!




Sport England – Aiming to diversify the sport and physical activity workforce through new fund


Amount available: Various – depending on the scale of the programme. The opportunity to state how much funding would be required is available through the application process.

Deadline: The deadline for stage 1 applications is 3rd July 2019. Please see the link in the sub-title to find out information of future application dates.

Suitable for: Any organisation, club or community group that feel they have a good project idea to increase diversity in the sport and physical activity workforce. Experience of the sport sector is not essential.

Description: Sport England have launched their new funding stream that aims to diversify the workforce in sport and physical activity. If you have a great idea that can help to engage women and/or black, Asian and minority ethnic (BAME) communities into supported and appropriate coaching and volunteering opportunities, then this is the fund for you! You could just have an idea on paper or you may want to expand on a previously successful programme; it doesn’t matter about the stage of your project development. Go ahead and tell Sport England about your great idea!



British Cycling – The Places to Ride Programme opening doors to inspire people to cycle


Amount available: Various (depending on scale and merit of funding request)

Deadline: 15th January 2021

Suitable for: New and existing clubs, local authorities, community organisations, educational establishments and charitable organisations

Description: The Places to Ride Programme seek to offer financial support for projects that aim to inspire people to cycle, connect the community and build a lasting legacy through cycling facility improvement and development.



Lord’s Taverners – Offering funds to give young people a sporting chance


Amount available: Various – depending on funding application applied for (please follow the link in the sub-title for further information.

Deadline: Grant applications are reviewed on a quarterly basis

Suitable for: Individuals and organisations as required

Description: The Lord’s Taverners want to give support to young people who are economically disadvantaged or living with a disability to easily access sport and physical activity. They currently offer opportunities for individuals, groups and organisations to apply for sports kit, adapted transport support and opportunities to access sports wheelchairs. They also offer grants around accessing sensory support and utilising play spaces effectively.


Success Stories


At Sport Across Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent, we want to celebrate the successes of local clubs, groups, charities and individuals in receiving funding for worth-while causes.

Have you recently been successful in an application for funding? Maybe, you want to celebrate the benefit that a funded project has had on an individual or group through sport and physical activity? If so, let us know and we can include your stories in our next ‘Success Stories’ bulletin!

Please contact:

David Richards
Communities and Insight Officer
07800 619693


Tip of the Month!


So, let’s talk sustainability…

Having the ability to demonstrate the need for effective and innovative provision is the first step to a successful application. The next thing that funders want to know is how the programme will continue at the end of the funding period and the long-term impact that the project will have.

Most funders will ask these questions during the application process so it is vital that this is considered during the planning of the project. The one element that needs to be considered is how this can be achieved.

Sustainability can be demonstrated in a variety of ways. One method of approach could be a referral process in which to signpost participants into developmental opportunities operating in their community at the end of the funding period. Another way to achieve this may stem from empowering participants to run activities self-sufficiently through facilitation support, training and volunteering opportunities.

Remember: Sustainability is the key to long-term impact

For further tips and guidance, please visit our funding pages by following the link here.


For more info …


This only provides a snap-shot of the different funding streams that can be accessed for sport and physical activity initiatives and projects.

Please follow the link to our funding pages for more useful hints and tips as well as more funding streams that you can access:


For further information, please contact:

David Richards
Communities and Insight Officer
07800 619693