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Wednesday 1st May 2019

Physical Education Conference 2019 – Beyond 2020


Amongst the keynote speakers will be Mike Crichton (Chair of afPE) sharing with us information on the new Ofsted framework and the implications for PE.

We have a range of exciting workshops on offer this year, including: Your 2020 curriculum, Making effective links with clubs to inspire lifelong participation., Influencing upwards – How to get PE and health as a priority area in your school. Sustainability – What does this mean for your school? 2020 Leadership – Developing and making the most of young leaders in your school. Future skills for our pupils future and Olympic sports.

As always there will also be the opportunity to network with other brilliant PE subject leaders from other schools, look at trade stands and examples of good practice ideas and resources from around the county.

A number of free places are being offered to Headteachers for the morning keynote speeches and also to stay for the first workshop (of your choice – see attached options).

These places will be offered on a first-come first-served basis, and we are looking to target Headteachers who are serious about improving pupils health and well-being opportunities, as well as in getting the most out of effectively using their PE and sports funding in this final year of guaranteed funding to ensure sustainable impact for their pupils. Please contact the below email if you are interested in gaining one of these limited free places.


Location: Entrust HQ, Riverway, Stafford, ST16 3TH


You can view the full poster here.

Please find the booking form here.


For more information contact: or call 07443473241



afPE petition to make PE a core subject


AfPE have been supporting a Government petition to open a debate in parliament around PE becoming a mandatory core part of the curriculum in all schools, not just a recommendation. The petition notes that ‘exercise is associated with both physical and mental well-being. Given the increase in childhood obesity & type two diabetes, 38% of secondary schools have still cut their PE time in the last five years. Research has found that just 8% of girls and 16% of boys aged 11-18 currently meet the recommend daily activity. Respectively 44% & 36% of girls and boys aged 13-15 are also either overweight or obese, while insufficient physical activity ultimately costs the NHS around £1 billion a year.

At the time of writing the petition was at 14,900 signatures, which is enough to encourage the government to respond but if we can support the petition to getting to 100,000 signatures it will be considered for debate in parliament. Please share it as widely as possible!


Please follow the link here to sign the petition.


Double amount of Primary PE and Sport Premium funding will continue for 2019-2020


Tuesday 30th April 2019 saw the good news announced that the Primary PE and Sport Premium Funding for 2019/20 will remain at the doubled rate of £320 million. This is fantastic news and gives schools the assurance to plan in advance how they wish to use the funding to help have the greatest impact in their school.

The association for Physical Education’s CEO Sue Wilkinson MBE highlights the following:

“We now have substantial evidence that clearly demonstrates that investing in the school workforce is one of the most effective ways of ensuring all children and young people increase their confidence, competence and academic achievement.

“Physical Education School Sport and Physical activity are tools that make a significant contribution to whole school improvement. In addition we know that the difference this funding has made to the physical and emotional well-being of children and young people is having an impact. This journey has taught us a lot about the destination that we are aiming for. There is no doubt that we much work together to achieve an efficient roadmap that will secure the appropriate outcomes for all pupils.

“We must leave a legacy from this investment that ensures the health and well-being of the nations young people is a priority as well as improving such values as character and resilience, and secures Physical Education at the heart of school life”.

Schools are being strongly advised to think carefully before allocating this next years spend, especially where they have been spending large quantities of it to use external coaching companies for delivery of any kind. It may be that this is the last year of the funding and the governments new school sport action plan is due to be published soon which will contain a lot of useful information.

Through the work we do with the Active Partnership overseeing the effective use of the funding, we have identified a great number of ways for schools to use the money to drive forward whole school improvements, as well as additional opportunities in health, PE and sport which will ensure true sustainability.

A key factor in this is to capitalise on the skills we already have as trained teachers and school leaders and not devaluing ourselves thinking that sports coaches are the experts or can show us what to do. Time is also very precious in schools and linking improvements to to other areas of the school development plan and using the funding for release time to embed improvements are also ways to ensure sustainable improvements.

If there are any schools wanting any further advice or support we have a wealth of good practice materials and ideas that have been developed over the past few years working with schools on the effective use of funding that we are more than happy to share and discuss.

Please get in touch via email at or phone 07443473241

Alternatively you are welcome to attend one of the following PE network meetings which will take place over the next few weeks:

Thursday 2nd May – Westwood First School, Leek (9.15am -3.30pm)

Friday 3rd May – Willows Primary School, Lichfield (1.00-3.30pm)

Wednesday 8th May – Stoke City FC (1.00-3.30pm)

Thursday 9th May – Leasowes Primary School, Stafford (1.00-3.30pm)

Thursday 23rd May – Thomas Russell Junior School, Barton-under-Needwood (1.00-3.30pm)