Sportivate What’s it all about?

Sportivate was part of ‘Places People Play’, the Sport England 2012 mass participation legacy programme. A nation-wide initiative, Sportivate targeted 11-25 year olds who were inactive and offered them the chance to take part in 6-8 weeks of sporting activity, introducing them to a new sport or giving them the chance to improve their skills in something they’ve previously tried and enjoyed. The funding has paid for the coaching, facility and some equipment costs involved in trying out and setting up new activities, as long as there was an exit route, somewhere for the young people to carry on doing what they had tried.

Over the 6 years, Sport Across Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent received over 1 million of Lottery Funding to deliver the programme across the sub-region, with a target of nearly 10,000 young people completing a block of sessions and then at least 40% of these participants continuing to take part in sport afterwards.

We have now completed six years of Sportivate with all sorts of projects running across Staffordshire & Stoke-on-Trent from traditional sports to free running, dance projects, wakeboarding and snowsports. Attracting more than £126 million pounds and engaging with over 20,000 young people the programme has been an overwhelming success.

I hear so many success stories as I catch up with deliverers all over the county but it has always been a struggle to capture those stories and showcase them for others to view and learn from, so here is a starter, and we hope to add more as the year progresses.

Most of the activities were really simple ideas that attracted the participants but also engaged and incentivised the activity to get those young people hooked, and that is what Sportivate is about; it’s not just the 6-8 weeks of funded activity, but what happened afterwards and how we kept those young people involved and all the great ideas you had.

I’m always amazed by the creativity and the motivation that our coaches and deliverers have out there. Thank you to you all, and let us know if you are reading this and have your own stories to tell – we’d love to hear about them and share them too. Claire-Greenwood

Claire Greenwood,
Sportivate Manager
T: 01785 619 258