British Canoeing- Develop Your Coaching Craft eLearning

Friday 4th May 2018

In order to support our paddlers, coaches and leaders, British Canoeing are pleased to provide a range of eLearning resources to go alongside our qualifications and awards to support, engage and provide extra information for those who wish to supplement their learning.

The Developing your Coaching Craft eLearning activities enable coaches to better assess their current performance and develop their coaching practices.

The first activity introduces the ethos and process behind the entire eLearning package. It then looks at a few essential ingredients to help develop the coach’s craft.

The next four sections all require you to carry out practical exercises, titled Observing Coaching Sessions, Planning Coaching Sessions, Delivering/Reviewing Sessions and Action planning. Simply work through the activities at your own pace.

All of our eLearning can be found on the new British Canoeing Awarding Body website, in the Paddler Zone. This also has all of our eLearning packages, which includes Buoyage, Nutrition and Hydration, Leadership and an Introduction to Disability. 

This eLearning is FREE and available to anyone interested in developing their knowledge in the range of subject areas, from coaches to leaders and athletes to recreational paddlers.