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Thursday 26th October 2017

Fit For Sport’s Fitter Families

This year, you can’t escape the press and concerns surrounding childhood obesity and the activity levels of the next generation. As parents, we want to ensure that our children grow up happy, fit and healthy, although it’s hard to juggle homework and family commitments, while trying to fit in daily physical activity.

Research shows that parents who are physically active are more likely to raise active children, therefore it’s vital that as role models we rise to this challenge. It’s also important to recognise that sport is not going to be for everyone as we know that some children are disengaged from being active if we are driving them into sports that they don’t enjoy. At Fit For Sport, we support schools, leisure centres and communities in running active extended school days and holiday camps which are full of happy and active children, all engaged in fun activities – we really do get it.

We firmly believe that being an active family should be Simple, Achievable and Sustainable

Why not start your journey by signing up to the Fit For Sport Activity Challenge?

It is completely FREE and every person in the family can give it a go. It involves taking part in three activities which measure coordination, agility and stamina. Each person gets a score which you can submit onto the Activity Challenge website. Try each activity every three months to see if you’ve improved, if you stay active in-between, we’ll bet you have! There are lots of videos on the Activity Challenge website which show you how to do the challenges.

Sign up for free at

As the new school year begins, focus will very much be on academic study and with this comes the temptation for children to neglect physical activity on a daily basis. However, this doesn’t have to be the case, check out these invaluable health tips that will ensure children stay active during term time and achieve those vital 60 minutes of activity a day:


  • Active Travel – Parents, ditch the car and commit to taking your kids to school through active travel whether that be through walking or cycling. It’s not only the healthier option but it may also leave your bank account looking healthier as well.
  • Healthy Eating – Swap those fatty sugary snacks in the lunch box for healthier alternatives like fruit & vegetables. Kids will begin to notice a difference in no time. Learning the importance of eating healthy foods from an early age is key to a healthy adulthood.
  • Active Family Weekends – As a family commit to trying a different sport each weekend, maybe go on an adventurous nature walk or even set up a talent show in the house, there’s so many ways for the whole family to get active together, be as creative as you can.


Fit For Sport are creators of the Healthy Active School System, a FREE online activity measurement tool which allows Primary Schools to record, track and improve pupils’ activity levels. For more information please visit

Fit For Sport Activity Camps

Looking for a holiday camp for your children on the run up to Christmas, or even for February half term next year? Then look no further than your local Fit For Sport camp which will be operating at Codsall, Cheslyn Hay and Wombourne Leisure Centres. The camps offer full-day and half-day provision for children aged 5yrs+ with activities ranging from team games, arts And crafts and will also introduce children to different sports and teach them various techniques and skills to get them interested.

Being healthy and active is for all children and that is exactly why Fit For Sport camps offer such a vast range of fun activities to ensure that every child is engaged all week long. For more information on the school holiday activity camps visit


To find out more visit

Cheslyn Hay Leisure Centre 01922 417790

Codsall Leisure Centre 01902 844032

Wombourne Leisure Centre 01902 898202


Keep your children Swimming

South Staffordshire’s Swim Academy is passionate about the importance of all children learning to swim for fun and ensuring they are safe in and around water. This means being able to swim more than 25 metres.

Many people believe that once a child can swim 25 metres, they are competent enough to be safe around water, however the truth is that children should be encouraged to continue with their swimming journey far beyond this point.

Around 85% of accidental drownings occur at open water sites. Many of these drownings occur due to a lack of knowledge and understanding of water safety. The basic principles of water safety, combined with the knowledge and understanding of the hazards, can significantly reduce the number of incidents that occur each year.

Did you know that swimming is part of the National Curriculum? By the time your child leaves primary school, they should be able to swim, know how to get out of trouble if they fall into water and understand the dangers.

If you want your child to be confident and competent in water, and have the ability and knowledge to survive and self-rescue, they need to progress beyond the minimum requirement of 25 metres.

South Staffordshire’s Swim Academy will not only give your child the skills they need to stay safe, but it will open avenues to other water-based activities such as Lifesaving clubs, Junior Lifeguard Academy, competitive swimming clubs, kayaking, and more.

To find out more about South Staffordshire Council’s Award Winning Swim Academy visit or call:

Baggeridge Country Park Awarded The Green Flag Award
This Summer both Baggeridge Country Park and the Wom Brook Walk have once again attained the prestigious Green Flag Award. They are among a record-breaking 1,797 parks and green spaces Baggeridge Country Parkaggeridge Country Park1that have received this award, which recognises the best parks and green spaces across the country.

Councillor Mary Bond, Cabinet Member for Community Services, said, “We are absolutely delighted with our results this year – Baggeridge Country Park has received a Green Flag Award for the nineteenth year running and the Wom Brook Walk has improved its score to move up a bandwidth in its assessment mark.”

“A Green Flag flying overhead indicates that the space boasts the highest possible standards, is beautifully maintained and has excellent facilities. We have some wonderful green spaces in South Staffordshire and we know how much quality green spaces matter to our residents and visitors. The Green Flag Awards celebrate the dedication that goes into maintaining both places to such a high standard so whether your interest is in conservation, exercise, a place for the children to explore, or just a leisurely stroll through tranquil surroundings they are the perfect place to visit.”

To find out more about visit or call:

Baggeridge Country Park 01902 882605