Midlands Masters Throwers Group- Volunteers Needed- Various Roles

The Midlands Masters Throwers Group are looking to appoint new personnel from the voluntary sector aged 30+ to early 50’s to help move on our organisation and secure its future in the medium to longer term.

Skill sets required are many and various – you need not be athletic but must be interested , competent (in their own abilities) be honest and trustworthy- have a love of : admin – IT-people skills- to work in a democratically run national organization these people or couples we would like to recruit.

Obviously an interest in sport would be useful and an ability to work well with the committee – take decisions made with officers of the organization on board to their conclusion – work under direction – use own initiative.

We are looking to appoint a secretary – website / statistics officer and assistant officers to assist the meeting set up officer which may involve maintenance and refurbishment of equipment- people with media / interest in publicity / organisation type skills. The position of Vice-Chairman will be available to the right volunteer.

Various functions required of Secretary / assistant sec. / organizational. Deal with:-

Entry forms / liaise with our UK base / hubs Monies in , online entry Records and statistics Publicity Website control / maintenance / updating site and software Maintain equipment Produce fixture list-confirm and book fixtures Pay stadia fees Keep rigorous verifiable records of incoming and outgoing monies Update entry forms / procedures each year Keep in contact with officers of the organization / competitors / suppliers /the public in general / liaise in general Order equipment/”T” shirts and pay for same Liaise with suppliers Keep and maintain / renew stationery items + software and hardware Order from our stationary / awards / printing suppliers Help out a meetings / be trained up as a helper / meeting official Liaise with the Chairman / Treasurer + President Produce statements for annual audit Keep records and make safe and secure back ups regularly Banking-cards-cheques- invoices and statements Process results and forms prior to and at meetings Keep the President / Chairman informed of issues / problems regularly.

To volunteer please contact:

Clive S.S. Howell

(Vice-President WTC / President MMTG) 

Phone : 01785-243667 e-mail : csshowell@hotmail.co.uk web : www.mmtg.org.uk