Ability Sport


Welcome all to our Ability Sport page, just to introduce myself I am SASSOT’s Inclusion Engagement Officer, David Richards. It is my responsibility to develop and inform the public on different opportunities around Disability Sport that are available to them, ensuring I try my very best to meet individual needs.

Our Ability section has been created to help inform and educate the public about disability sport and how Sports Across Staffordshire & Stoke-on-Trent plays a part distinguishing the importance of Disability Sport.

Today sports can be adapted in many ways with many sports creating different versions of the game in order to cater for different disabilities.

Sports can be taken part in a number of ways, whether this is professionally or just for enjoyment purposes where sessions are completely unstructured with your friends and family, it is entirely up to you. This is where I can help and hopefully be able to direct you to the appropriate clubs across the County making sure your experience will be an enjoyable one.

Please take a further look at our Ability section.

For more information contact 

David Richards
Inclusion Engagement Officer
Tel: 01785 619398  /  07800619693
email: drichards@staffordbc.gov.uk